Welcome to SHM

Welcome to shm® - the South German cartridge case manufactory

Welcome to shm® – the South German cartridge case manufactory shm® has set itself the task of supplying hunters, private and commercial reloaders as well as ammunition manufacturers with high-quality cartridge cases which are not – or no longer – to be found in the ranges of established ammunition manufacturers. Especially for this purpose, we have set up a core production facility that is consistently geared to flexibility and manageable batch sizes. Current production methods, such as CNC technology in combination with flexibly automated conventional forming technology, are supported by state-of-the-art measuring and testing technology. This enables us to guarantee consistently high quality and short delivery times – even in the special sleeve segment.

residual ramp

Remaining stocks of pods are sold at a reduced price see also: LINK

custom-made products

Not all calibres that we can offer can be found in our current assortment. Should you require any other special calibres, please do not hesitate to contact us.


New – New – New – New
shm® Selection

With our new shm Selection series, we offer sleeves of selected calibres within the narrowest tolerances.