Reduced goods

As in every manufacturing plant, the highest quality is also and in particular in core production. Quality very difficult to achieve from the first part. That's how it always happens when you drive into a Series for a certain number of scrap parts. This can manifest itself in tearing Necks of sleeves, not kept dimensions, hardness jumps and much more. These errors all lead to the parts being sorted out and discarded.

However, there are also defects that are mainly of an optical nature and do not interfere with the functionality of the sleeve. These can be discolorations, scratches or so-called water bumps, i.e. small inwardly directed "dents" in the sleeve. Such dents don't bother the ambitious private reloader, since the best precision from a gun is only achieved after the first shot anyway, when the case adapts to the chamber (fireforming). During this process, the water dents are of course also levelled out, and the actual reject sleeve no longer differs from a one-a product.

For the price-conscious private reloader, we therefore offer these sleeves at a reduced price - but with minor defects when fully loadable. The sleeves can carry our own shm® base stamp or the base stamp of customer sleeves. For this reason we can only give these pods to private reloaders. Of course the quantity is limited both in number of pieces and caliber.