Dear customers, dear friends of the South German sleeve manufacturer, the Corona virus is just about to sweep over our country like a wave and is stirring up our lives properly.The measures against it are set. They are far-reaching, but necessary and will soon show their effect. With discipline, willpower and cohesion, we will master this challenge. However, we must not lose sight of the side effects of these measures: restrictions on freedom of movement, de facto trade bans and company closures. Our shm® is not affected directly, but indirectly. Our dealer customers are only allowed to open in certain regions, manufacturers and reloaders are closing down to reduce the risk of infection. shm® is not receiving any dealer orders, some of the goods delivered are not being paid for, and some manufacturers are canceling orders that are already in progress. In any case, these are understandable decisions by people who are trying to secure their existence. This will also cause problems for us for the foreseeable future, especially since we have recently invested a great deal in order to meet the repeated requests for large cases such as a 408 CT or similar special cases. The systems are about to be completed. It is often overlooked that we do not only have special cases in our assortment. Our warehouses are full of 308 Win, 30-06 and 300 WinMag.At this point we would like to appeal to you to support us in the current situation by ordering standard cases that you might otherwise purchase from other manufacturers. 10 orders a day will help us to keep our operations running at a low level and to steer through this crisis together with you. Thank you very much and stay healthy! Your Ulrich Zirngibl